Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

This is a new, high quality and unique flavor coffee product, originating from America, and has also made its debut in our country. At Cafellinion we started from 2014 experimenting with this new product called Nitro Cold Brew and now we offer it to our consumers even better.

In particular, the preparation process involves extracting coffee for several hours with iced water . The technique of extraction, the time, the degree of milling of the coffee, the varieties used for the mixture and the baking curve are different. It is common for the extraction water temperature to be high, while this process is slower with ice water.

Then, after long extraction, we store it in special pressurised containers , where adding nitrogen is more pressurised . Nitrogen as an inert gas dissolves very slowly in the icy coffee without altering its organoleptic and flavor characteristics, while giving a smooth and smooth texture with a creamy feel to the lips and palate. Finally, after completing the Cold Cure “of the coffee, it follows the ” Serving coffee just like a draft beer! “ .

Nitro Cold Brew coffee is an unbelievably cool, sweet product, while the rest of its delicious features can satisfy even the most demanding. After its spin in the glass, we can feel the strong flavors of chocolate, caramel and fruit that are more intense, dare to admit a microlot hot coffee with its texture being more creamy and classic than espresso.

Visually, during the serving of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee we observe a cloudy liquid that gradually changes to a dark brown color, while on top it begins to form a light, fairly compact cream, reminiscent of the classic stout beer.

The whole process is done in front of the customer's eyes but also under full control of your barista.

With or without the addition of ice its flavor Nitro Cold Brew Coffee remains unchanged.

The stainless steel structure that houses the extraction mechanism, pump and coolant inside is made of AISI 30/44 stainless steel 18 / 8-10 that gives corrosion resistance and longer life , and all electrical components carry the CE mark and are in accordance with European Union 2006/95/EC “Electrical Material to Use within Voltage Limits” and 2004/108/EC “Electromagnetic Compatibility”, As well as the corresponding European standards.


Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

  : Discrete installation display.

  : Almost no additionalcosts/maintenance time.

  : Output pressure up to 4 PSI (0.276 bar).

  : Capacity up to 90 Lt of nitro coffee *.

  : Weighing approx 80Kg *.

  : Dimensions according business needs / client needs.

: Inox AISI-SAE 304 (ISO A2).

  : Certifications CE, TÜV, EN ISO 9001:2015.

  : Price... contact us...

(*) = features for a single cannula device

We did not leave anything at random, and we are sure it’s a pioneering product that impresses, since everything is done in front of you. A unique proposition for all year round but especially for the summer months. Contact us today to learn more and how to acquire it for your business.

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