It was in the early 1950s, when in a grocery store of the time, the grandfather of the current owner starts to roast coffee for the needs of his neighbourhood. With little knowledge of roasting technics but with much care, love and persistence, he begins to experiment with different varieties in terms of flavours, aromas and handling.

He slowly creates his first blends, having in mind the harmonious union of varieties that are completely different, but they end up satisfying even his most demanding customers in the neighbourhoods of the city of Naoussa.

In this environment was born and raised Konstantinos Bisousis, inheriting from his grandfather the tips and secrets of roasting art, the aromas of the well-baked coffee and of course the first roaster.
Having this important store, he starts his own experiments in blends trying to find the ideal roasting conditions so that each variety can reveal its characteristics.

As a result of all this effort come with the time spent and some distinctions as a reward of the love for the taste behind the roasting and grinding of the coffee beans …

- 2006, Participation in the Pan-Hellenic Championship of Barista

- 2008, Coffee in the briquette, Pan-Hellenic Championship 2nd position

- 2009, Coffee in the briquette, Pan-Hellenic Championship 2nd position

- 2011, Coffee in the briquette, Pan-Hellenic Championship 1st position and 3rd place for International Championship (Maastricht, Holland) with Kostas Arapoglou as barista.

- February 2011, Judge at the Pan-Hellenic Coffee Competition under the auspices of S.C.A.

In this welcoming and challenging environment, Mr. Kostas Tomtsis, agronomist, will be added in 2014, specialising in quality control and selection of fresh  product. Giving even more incentives to improve the ground coffee of our coffee shop.

For this reason, we cared for the area of ​​our coffee shop in Naousa on Grigoriadi Street during its renovation, combining the Greek tradition with the coffee culture and the co-location of a classic Cafe-Cafeteria. It was then that the owner had the idea of  the implementation of the Roasting Concept, which now gives the opportunity to the people to work together to create a space in their own business that will embrace the Third Wave of Coffee in all its dimensions.

Since then, almost 70 years later, we continue to search and roast unique varieties of coffee and coffee beverages trying to transmute the culture of coffee tasting through the establishment of our distinctive Roasting Academy and also to send our coffee products throughout Greece from our online store.

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