Cafellinion Coffee Roasting Concept

Coffee Roasting Point


The Coffee Roasting Concept is starring in a new world trend and experience of the 3rd wave in Greece.

Unique and innovative, it offers to the public both traditional Greek delicious coffee tastes, but on the other hand Speciality coffee of designation of origin from producing countries (Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, Brazil e.t.c..)


Power of Superior taste and the ultimate representative of the 3rd wave of coffee. Offers you guarantee and quality in all markets.

A carefully designed and integrated Coffee Roasting Concept that represents the future of coffee-shops and related retail stores.

Coffee roasting, grinding and coffee in hand, a concept unique and original not only for the Greek market and your business abroad.

Cafellinion – Coffee Roasting Open Space Concept

Cafellinion – Coffee Roasting Concept aims at the explosive combination of unprecedented experience based on the “smelled flavor”. Freshly roasted coffee beans for home, work and cups in your existing stores.

This flexible business model includes two state-of-the-art types of stores for the requirements of each market.

Cafellinion – Coffee Roasting Close Space Concept

Space and other requirements of the concept

Average store size in your bussiness : 15-30 sq. m.
Average investment height from : 60,000 E
Entry fee : 10,000 – 15,000 E
Royalties : Not any
Developers : Unveiling Prominent Aspiring

Target clients

  • Top quality coffee lovers
  • Customers who want a coffee drink when leaving a shop
  • Customers who want freshly baked - freshly ground coffee
  • Customers who are charging or at the same time use their devices
  • Clients and / or employees from nearby stores
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